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Melli (that's me), my twin brother Samy, Ana, Kim and Nic. We are behind the most delicious granola ever: So Yahmmy. Our product stands for development, diversity, perfection and teamwork! Our assortment, consisting of 5 varieties, leaves nothing to be desired. Whether fruity, sweet or nutty, with So Yahmmy you will experience a guaranteed taste experience with whatever variety you choose. 

Melanie Soyah

Inventor and founder. My aim has always been to be “outstanding”. Here we are. Enjoy!

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Kim Kulig-Soyah

Coach of the FC Basel women's team. In my free time I sometimes bake “So Yahmmy” myself. For me it is an exciting change from everyday football life. I find it special to be part of this project.

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Ana Crnogorčević

I am an active professional soccer player at Atletico Madrid and a 150-time Swiss national team player. There is nothing better than getting up in the morning and having breakfast “So Yahmmy”. The perfect start to the day for me!

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Samy Soyah

Inventor and idea generator. With my sister's ambition we were able to make our dream come true. It was she who inspired me to develop our own granola. I love it!

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